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Debt Management Client Success Rates (Latest Data)

Updated: Jan 20

Getting out of debt is hard. Between high interest rates, confusing terms and conditions, and the emotional toll it can take, tackling debt on your own can seem impossible. That's why working with a reputable debt management company can completely change the game.

Recent data shows that clients who enroll in debt management plans (DMPs) have excellent success rates in becoming debt-free. Read on to learn more about the latest debt management success statistics.

The Current Debt Management Client Success Rates Landscape:

Let's start with some context. Consumer debt is currently at an all-time high, with the average US household carrying $90,460 in debt, excluding mortgages. The majority is from credit cards, auto loans, and student loans. This amount comes out to over 80% of the median annual household income.

It's not surprising then that a NerdWallet survey found 40% of Americans feel "overwhelmed" by their current debt load. When you feel like you're drowning financially, it impacts all areas of life — from relationships to health and more.

That statistic shows why proper debt management strategies are so important. And working with professionals substantially increases success rates.

Debt Management Plan Success Rates:

So what are debt management plans (DMPs) exactly? DMPs are personalized debt relief programs created by credit counseling agencies to help individuals tackle and eliminate unsecured debt. This includes credit cards, medical bills, personal loans, and more. But not student loans or mortgages.

When you enroll in a DMP, the agency works on your behalf to lower interest rates, waive fees, and consolidate multiple debts into one monthly payment. The agency distributes payments to your creditors until you're debt-free. Most plans take 3-5 years to complete.

The data shows DMPs work. A recent 2022 report from the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) showed that:

Debt Management Client Success Rates

  • 75% of DMP clients successfully pay off their debts, with an average payoff timeframe of 47 months

  • Clients lowered their average interest rates from 22% to 7%, saving substantially on interest fees

  • Over 65% of creditors offer concessions and waive late or over-limit fees for DMP clients in good standing

Another study from the Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies found 70% of consumers who complete DMPs do not relapse into debt. Whereas 50% of consumers who approach debt relief alone end up re-accumulating debt within 5 years.

The data is clear - working with a reputable agency like "Shepherd Outsourcing" vastly improves your chances of becoming and staying debt-free long-term. Their knowledgeable credit counselors create customized plans, advocate to creditors on your behalf, and provide the education and resources clients need every step of the way.

Over 80% of "Shepherd Outsourcing’s" clients successfully pay off their debts and 99% of clients highly recommend their services. Their high "Debt Management Success" rates show they empower clients with the tools and guidance needed to take control of debt.


Tips For Debt Management Client Success Rates:

While professional help improves outcomes, a successful debt management process also depends heavily on you, the client. Here are three tips for maximizing your success once enrolled in a DMP:

  • Make budgeting a priority: Work closely with your counselor to create a realistic monthly budget that aligns with your DMP payment. Track spending diligently and cut unnecessary costs. Budgeting is essential.

  • Don't take on new debt: It can be tempting to rely on credit when cash-strapped. But new debt during debt management makes completing your DMP much more challenging. Avoid taking on new credit obligations.

  • Communicate with your counselor: Your counselor is your partner through this process. Keep them updated on any changes to income, expenses, ability to make DMP payments, or anything else relevant. Ongoing communication leads to better outcomes.

Becoming debt-free can feel out of reach, but it is possible with some discipline and guidance. Enrolling in a debt management plan is an effective strategy - recent stats back up DMP's high "Debt Management Success" rates.

Final Verdict:

If debt is negatively impacting your finances and/or wellbeing, contact "Shepherd Outsourcing" to speak to a certified credit counselor about your situation. Their experienced team will get you on the path towards financial freedom.

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